Saturday, November 21, 2009

72 - Explosive Gas Creature Design

You can see my first research for the Explosive Gas floating creatur, until the final result with the 3 different views.

My friend Nicolas Collings did the 3D model version. Check his web site to see his incredible 3d artworks !

71 - Froblins Armors

This is 2 paintover on basic 3D model. Mainly Armors design and skin colors research. There is a good one,and a bad one, guess who ?..
Copyrights Larain Studio - 2007

70 - Divinity 2- More Environments

This is more various concept art I've done 2 years ago for Divinity 2 . A very cool project and a very cool team to work with.
As you can see on concepts there is a a lot of caves and flying caves !